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Kettlebell Snatch

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The kettlebell snatch is undoubtedly one of my favorite kettlebell exercises. The kettlebell snatch is a great full body dynamic exercise that can be performed in a wide variety of variations and fits well into a number of interesting kettlebell routines and combo exercises.

The page below lists some of the variations and combos we have come up with for the kettlebell snatch.

Basic Kettlebell Snatch Videos

Pavel Stejskal performing a basic kettlebell snatch with a 24 kg kettlebell.

Justin Belleme performing the basic kettlebell snatch from both the front and side views.

Kettlebell Snatch Variations

Kettlebell snatch with weighed free hand.

Walking kettlebell snatch.

Double arm kettlebell snatch.

The alternating double kettlebell snatch is one of the most challenging kettlebell exercises that I have ever done. Here is my kettlebell instructor, Pavel Stejskal performing the alternating double kettlebell snatch.

Kettlebell Snatch Combos and Routines

Pavel Stejskal performing the double kettlebell snatch with overhead shoulder press.

This exercises is one of the most difficult kettlebell exercises that I have ever attempted. My form is not perfect, but it is getting better.

Double Kettlebell Snatch to Overhead Squat

Monday, March 15th, 2010

The double kettlebell snatch is a great exercises by itself, but to take it to a whole new level try adding in a full squat between snatch reps with the kettlebells in the overhead position. This challenging kettlebell snatch variation requires a fair amount of flexibility in the shoulders, back, and legs in order to perform it correctly and avoid injury.

My form in the video above is not perfect. At the bottom of the squat I allow my legs to bow inward a bit putting extra pressure on my knees. As my lower back and hips get more flexible my form will continue to improve. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Alternating Double Kettlebell Snatch

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The double arm alternating kettlebell snatch is, in my opinion, one of the most challenging kettlebell exercises. In the above video, my kettlebell instructor Pavel Stejskal performs a set of this difficult kettlebell snatch variation.

This exercises takes on an interesting combination of strength, coordination and timing. When performed correctly the exercises takes on a rhythmic hopping motion. The biggest challenge of this exercises is getting enough momentum to drive the down kettlebell up while accepting the weight of the other kettlebell as it drops into the down position.


Walking Kettlebell Snatch

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

This video is my first ever attempt at the walking kettlebell snatch. My kettlebell instructor, Pavel Stejskal and I were shooting kettlebell snatch variations and he suggested that I try this one. It provided a unique challenge to coordination and balance, especially when attempting it on uneven ground up a slight incline. It is also interesting to see the differences in my form depending on which leg I step with first.

When attempting the walking kettlebell snatch try to alternate legs on each rep and switch arms at the half way point.