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Cardio Circuit – Weighted Squat Thrusts w/ Back Lunges

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Twice a week I attend a one hour boxing fitness and circuit training class at my gym. Here is a video of one station of a three minute boxing circuit training routine. Most circuits in the class include one station on the heavy bag; one station by the stage, usually legs or calisthenics; and one station by the mirrors, usually for abs or core exercises. We do each station for one minute and then rotate. We usually repeat the 3 minute circuit twice, and do a total of 4 different circuits for a total of 8 – 3 minute circuits. It makes for a tough, but fun class.

Push Ups – Hands on Medicine Balls, Feet on Stability Ball

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Here is a fun and challenging push up variation. Work up to this by doing sets of push ups with your feet on the stability ball, and separate sets with your hands on medicine balls. Once you can do both of those variations easily try this more difficult style of push up.

Comment below about my form and post links to any more difficulty push up videos that you know about with medicine balls and stability balls.