Kettlebell Waiter’s Walk

Uses for the Kettlebell Waiter’s Walk

The Waiter’s Walk is a low impact kettlebell exercise that requires a great deal of upper body strength to execute. This exercise is perfect as a warm up, cool down, or for someone who is trying to burn calories without building a great deal of muscle. The Waiter’s Walk can also be combined with other exercises such as the Suitecase Lift to strengthen arms and shoulders, or the Good Morning Stretch to increase flexibility.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Waiter’s Walk

The technique for the Waiter’s Walk is relatively straight forward. When done properly, the exercise resembles the way a waiter at a restaurant holds a tray above their head. Beginning at a standing position with one or two kettlebells in hand, simply lift the kettlebell straight above your head, wrist facing forward, handle in the palm of your hand, and with the body of the weight resting on the back of your wrist. Once executed, simply walk forward maintaining a steady pace and keeping the kettlebell above your head.

Kettlebell Waiter’s Walk Variations

  • Waiter Drill: This exercise requires much more dexterity than the Waiter’s Walk and should be attempted only after mastering the movements of the Waiter’s Walk and Kettlebell Snatch. Find the article on the Kettlebell Snatch for additional information. To perform the Watier Drill, start at a standing position and swing the kettlebell as you would perform a Kettlebell Snatch. Instead of pulling the kettlebell to your chest though, lift it in to a Waiter’s Walk position above your head, and swing it down catching the handle finishing off the Kettlebell Snatch.

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