Kettlebell Suitcase Lift

Uses of the Kettlebell Suitcase Lift

For someone who is just starting out with kettlebell exercises, the Suitcase Lift is a great workout to put into your routine. Great for either building strength or conditioning, the simple motion involved in the Suitecase Lift strengthens all the important muscle groups including the quads, glutes, hips and abs. Able to be performed in a tight space, all you require is at least one kettlebell and room to squat.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Suitcase Lift

This kettlebell exercise is simple and is performed the same way you would pick up a heavy suitcase. Keep your gaze fixed on the horizon while keeping your waist tucked back in the normal kettlebell exercise form. With feet firmly placed on the ground, simply bend into a proper squat, picking up the kettlebell, and moving down until the kettlebell is flat on the ground.

Kettlebell Suitcase Lift Variations

  • Unilateral Suitcase Lift: This is the standard version of the Suitcase Lift and works out one side of the body at a time. The trick is to maintain balance and form while your weight is uneven between the kettlebell side and non kettlebell side.
  • Alternating or Double Suitcase Lift: For athletes or those who enjoy a variation to their exercise, try alternating between kettlebells as well as lifting both kettlebells at the same time. This action replicated more normal movements that you would have in everyday situations.

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