Kettlebell Sots Press

Advantages of the Kettlebell Sots Press

The Kettlebell Sots Press is one of the more difficult kettlebell exercises requiring a strong core and balance to execute properly. You can use the Kettlebell Sots Press to improve on other presses like the Military Press which is performed in a standing position versus the squatting position. Try mastering the Overhead Squat is you do not feel prepared for the Sots Press. Find the article on the Overhead Squat for more information.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Sots Press

This kettlebell exercise is performed from a squatting position with your toes pointing out. Keep your back straight and butt tucked out. With a kettlebell at your chest in the clean position, press the kettlebell overhead until you have reached a full extension. Lower the kettlebell back to your starting position and repeat. Remember to exhale on full extension and inhale when bring the kettlebell back down.

Kettlebell Sots Press Variations

  • Kettlebell See-Saw Sots Press: Using two kettlebells, squat as if you were doing a Sots Press. But instead, perform a See-Saw Press by alternating your lift of each kettlebell.
  • Seated Kettlebell Sots Press: Keeping your legs spread out comfortably, place one kettlebell in the clean position, and press up and out until the kettlebell is locked out overhead.
  • Kettlebell Military Press: Stand with your feet shoulder length apart and your arms in the racked or “clean” position, with your elbow faces in towards your body and hand by your shoulder. Reach up for a full extension, turning your wrists slightly as you go up.

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