Kettlebell Military Press

Uses of the Kettlebell Military Press

As one of the more reported-on kettlebell exercises, the Military Press is an extremely versatile exercise essential for many of the combination exercises. However before attempting any combinations, it is important to first master the basic Military Press. To perform this exercise effectively, it is important to be able to assume a good rack and overhead lock position. The Military Press can be easily adapted to incorporate more weight or additional movements depending on your focus. With any variation, it is important to maintain a strong core.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Military Press

It is important not to try to imitate the Military Press technique with a kettlebell as you would with a dumbbell. Doing so will result in a below optimal workout. For the correct technique, stand with your feet shoulder length apart and your arms in the racked or “clean” position, with your elbow faces in towards your body and hand by your shoulder. As you reach up for a full liner extension, your arms will naturally turn with your wrists facing front.

Kettlebell Military Press Variations

  • Two-Armed Kettlebell Military Press: With two kettlebells, each at the clean position, press the kettlebells up and out, leaning into the weight as you lock out so that the kettlebells are behind your head.
  • Seated Kettlebell Military Press: Keeping your legs spread out comfortably, place one kettlebell in the clean position, and press up and out until the kettlebell is locked out overhead.
  • Kettlebell Sots Press: Beginning in a squatting position with the kettlebell resting on the back of your wrist, lift the kettlebell overhead holding for a couple seconds before repeating the rep.

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