Kettlebell Iron Cross

Uses for the Kettlebell Iron Cross

The Iron Cross is one of several kettlebell exercises used for building flexibility in your shoulders and leg strength. You will see gymnasts doing some variation of the Iron Cross for building strength on the rings. For anyone recovering from an injury, this exercise is a great alternative to the Side Lateral which tends to increase side and back pain. Make sure you have enough balance and stamina to execute effectively. When performed with a perfect form and steady pace, the Iron Cross can be a very relaxing and beautiful kettlebell exercise.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Iron Cross

The technique for the Iron Cross is similar to the Kettlebell Crucifix with a few exceptions. With a kettlebell in the clean position in each hand, begin in the squat position with the kettlebells extended out in front of you. As you stand, move your arms out to yours sides until they are at a 90 degree angle to your body. To repeat, bring your arms forward and bend your knees until you are back in the starting position. The Kettlebell Iron Cross is a rep exercises unlike the Crucifix which is a lift and hold exercise. Find the article on the Kettlebell Crucifix for more information.

Kettlebell Iron Cross Variations

  • Kettlebell Side Lateral: With two kettlebells in the clean position directly at your sides at a 90 degree angle to your body, Lower each kettlebell down to your waist with arms fully extended. Repeat by lifting the kettlebells to your side, and lowering once again.
  • Kettlebell Crucifix Lift: With a kettlebell in the clean position in each hand, lift the weights straight out beside your chest with your arms fully extended at a 90 degree angle. Hold for five to ten second before bringing the weight back up. Repeat.

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