Kettlebell Good Morning Stretch

Importance of Warming up Using the Good Morning Stretch

Just as important at the kettlebell exercise is the warm up before. Warming up opens your joints, stretches your tendons, and helps in preventing injury during intensive workouts. Specifically, the Good Morning Stretch is excellent for developing flexibility and building leaner muscle along your arms and torso. Give yourself 15 minutes with the kettlebell both before and after your main workout to adequately warm your muscles and lubricate your tendons.

Technique for the Kettlebell Good Morning Stretch

With your feet flat on the floor, assume a military stance with your spine aligned with the base of your tail bone and back of your head. Holding a straight stick against your back to make sure your form is maintained throughout the stretch. As you bend forward, exhale allowing your weight to drop forward at if you are touching your toes.

Kettlebell Good Morning Stretch Variations

  • Standing Box Good Morning Stretch: For those who need a bit more stretch, stand on a box holding the kettlebell with both hands in a Deadlift. This is only a workout exercise, so be sure not to overextend.
  • Kettlebell Windmills: This is a combination exercise between a Good Morning Stretch with an Overhead Anchor. With the kettlebell, this is an excellent exercise for stretching your shoulders while building your waist, back and hips. Find the Overhead Anchor article for more information.

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