Kettlebell Floor Press

History of the Kettlebell Floor Press

This kettlebell exercise was invented by Mike Hahler and adopted by many UFC fights for simulating pushing an opponent off while in a lying down position. Adapted from a normal floor press, weight lifters laid on the floor while pressing weights as a way to build body mass long before the use of a bench. Recently, floor presses have had a revival in some gyms with trainers interested in integrating kettlebells into their regular workout routine.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Floor Press

The Kettlebell Floor Press requires you lay on the ground. From this position, take one kettlebell in each hand in a clean position, and lift like you would a normal dumbbell. Some people prefer to do the Kettlebell Floor Press with a straight leg while others choose to press with bended knees. Whatever you choose, remember to keep your back flat on the ground. Though it may help in achieving more reps, arching your back over time will lead to straining your back and neck.

Kettlebell Floor Press Variations

  • Alternating Kettlebell Floor Press: A simply variation of the Guard press, using two separate kettlebells instead of a single barbell allows you to switch off between arms, making it easier to concentrate on perfecting your technique.
  • Kettlebell Skull Crusher: While in a lying position, hold each kettlebell in a clean position will bended elbows turned in toward your chest. From there, slowly bend your elbows to lower the kettlebells next to your head.

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