Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk

Advantages of the Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk

A similar kettlebell exercise to the Suitcase Lift, the Farmer’s Walk is a great grip strengthening exercise that can be performed either going uphill, downhill, on a flat plain, or any variation of the three. Though it may seem trivial, a strong grip rounds out any strength-building exercise and makes it easier to control heavier loads in everyday situations. Using kettlebells instead of dumbbells for this exercise allows for greater mobility in a limited space, and helps to increase core stability.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk

To lift the kettlebells, push your hips back and bend your knees approaching the kettlebells on the ground. Lean forward and walk from the balls of your feet using short, quick steps. When using two kettlebells, make sure your arms equal distant to the ground as well as to your body. Not doing so makes for an uneven workout. If done correctly, the Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk resembles the same movement you see in any strongman competition.

Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk Variations

  • Farmer’s Walk Relay: This is a fun exercise to do either as a group or alone to build on the challenge of a regular Farmer’s Walk. At one end of a track, place two kettlebells of equal weight, and at the other end, two more kettlebells of greater of lesser weight. Perform this exercise as you would a regular Farmer’s Walk, except exchange one set of weight for the other once you have made it to the other end of the track.
  • Combination Farmer’s Walk and Waiter’s Walk: Combining the best of both kettlebell exercises, this workout is performed alternating between two grip exercises. Switch between the two kettlebell holding give you time to rest one group of muscles before switching to another set, giving the illusion of a rest period.

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