Kettlebell Duck Walk

Uses of the Kettlebell Duck Walk

The Kettlebell Duck Walk is a great kettlebell exercise used by sprinters and runners for improving flexibility and stamina. UFC fighters use this exercise to simulate the exact movement they use to take down an opponent. To prevent injury, make sure to use a soft and flat surface. Maintain a quick and steady pace using a kettlebell of a weight and size you feel comfortable holding in the clean position. Once you feel comfortable holding one kettlebell, add another one for a bit more resistance.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Duck Walk

Beginning in the clean position, take a step forward with the leg on the same side as the kettlebell. Bring your other leg forward laying your foot flat on the ground, and staying as close to the ground as possible. Step straight forward without swinging your legs, making sure to balance on the ball of your back foot. Naturally you will want to propel yourself forward using your arms. The point of the kettlebell is to keep you from doing so. When you feel comfortable, add another kettlebell of equal size, holding both close to your chest as you move forward.

Kettlebell Duck Walk Variations

  • Duck Walk and Press: This exercise combines the strength-building technique of two workouts, the difference being that you maintain a low walking motion instead of dropping your knee to the ground, all the while lifting the kettlebell above your head.

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