Kettlebell Deck Squat

Advantages of the Kettlebell Deck Squat

The Deck Squat is a compound kettlebell exercise involving several movements that allows you to work more muscles in less time. Movements including a swing, squat, lunge and push resemble the same movements that you would see in any active lifestyle. This means while using the kettlebell, you lift more weight, burn more calories, and maintain a heart rate better without having to change up exercises.

Proper Technique of the Kettlebell Deck Squat

Perhaps the most advanced of the squat exercises, this kettlebell exercise involved the entire body in an interesting combination squat and sit up motion. Those not used to exercising with a kettlebell are urged to use caution before attempting this workout. Incorrect form may result in neck and back injury from negative impact and over extension. For a less intensive kettlebell exercise similar to the deck squat, try the Goblet Squat or Deadlift. Beginning in a standing position, assume the normal motions of the Deadlift. Once at the bottom of the movement, fall to a sitting position, lean back like are doing a sit up while lifting your hands above your head holding the kettlebell. Next, bring your arms forward over your head, using the momentum to lift yourself out of the sitting position.

Kettlebell Deck Squat Variations

  • Deck Squat Jump: Another variation of the jump squat, this exercise requires you lift yourself off the ground using your legs at the top of the movement. Difficult event without added weight, the kettlebell adds a bit more impact to this workout.

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