Kettlebell Bear Crawl

Origin of the Kettlebell Bear Crawl

The Bear Crawl is one of the funniest-looking kettlebell exercises, but great for conditioning as well as a full body workout. The Bread Crawl is regularly used as a football drill where weight is tied to a player’s back and dragged while the player makes his way across the field. For other team sports, the Bear Crawl can be used as a relay race to see which group can finish first. Some people like to integrate kettlebells into this workout as a way to shorten the duration of the exercise while strengthening their arms and back.

Proper Technique for the Kettlebell Bear Crawl

The Bear Crawl is a “quad-ped” exercise requiring four points of contact with the ground. From a push up position, drag your feet along the ground while balancing your weight on each kettlebell. Use small, deliberate strides while keeping your back flat and shoulder over your hands. Go as far as your surroundings will allow, then turn around and crawl back. Keep your knees inside your elbows. Concentrate on preventing your hips from swaying.

Kettlebell Bear Crawl Variations

  • Kettlebell Abdominal Slide: Sitting down with your legs straight out, lift your entire weight with your hands sliding your body as far back as possible without lifting your legs. This exercise can be performed with or without kettlebells.
  • Tiger Crawl: Assume the same position as you would with the Bear Crawl without a kettlebell. Crawl forward one hand at a time, pulling your leg up adjacent to your back hand. Alternate leg movement according to the adjacent hand you are using to propel yourself forward.

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