Kettlebell Around the World

The kettlebell around the world is a very basic kettlebell exercise and provides a great transitional exercise between sets of figure eights and other slow grinding kettlebell exercises. The kettlebell around the world is performed by passing the kettlebell around the waste in large circles. It can be done with various leg positions ranging from wider than shoulder width to touching. The closer your feet are together the more difficult this exercise becomes.

A typical set of kettlebell around the world would include 10 – 20 circles of the kettlebell around the body in each direction.

Around the World as a Weighted Transition or Weighed Resting Exercise

Some more advanced kettlebell practitioners will use the kettlebell around the world as a resting exercise between more advanced techniques. One challenging routine involves not putting the kettlebell down between any of your sets. The kettlebell around the world is a good exercise to keep the blood moving and the bell moving between your hands during a routine of this type.

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